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by Maria Khaing fcJ

Life is full of choices. We have to make choices whether we like it or not. Even in the simple routines of daily life, we have to make numerous decisions. Sometimes, we also have to make huge decisions that will determine the course of our lives. Life means a lot for each of us, and we have to make most of the life we have right now. Many young people may feel confused, hopeless and lost as to what the meaning of life is. I have experienced that myself. There are so many things to consider when we talk about life choices. I would like to share some ideas that might help in making life choices.

Each choice comes with both freedom and responsibility. Before we choose, we need to think seriously and decide if what we are choosing is suitable for us or not. In order to know which life choice is suitable for us, we need basic of knowledge about “who we are”, the ability to accept the realities of life, and the courage to make a decision of our own free will. Unfortunate…

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