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Setting Our Hearts Upon the Deep

  “So, I leave my boats behind/ Leave them on familiar shores/ Set my heart upon the deep/ Follow you again, my Lord” (from The Galilee Song by Father Frank Andersen, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart) A teacher friend recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram; she was out for a winter walk in Edmonton, Canada.   I felt an unexpected tug at my heart upon seeing her and the familiar, deep snowbanks.   Living in the Philippines this year has meant that I’ve experienced only green scenery and hot temperatures.   The wintery scene reminded me that I am very far from home indeed, even as I continue to delight in the many opportunities that I enjoy in this vibrant country. Mark Twain wrote that a man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.   What I’m experiencing now is that a Canadian teacher temporarily residing in Metro Manila learns something about herself and many of her former students that she could not learn in any other way. I ha

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