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Honest Fear

I’m a Religious Sister and I feel afraid.That’s right.I’ve said it.
I am a prayer-saying, Mass-attending (via livestream, anyway), Jesus-loving FCJ Sister, and yet I find myself living with a pulsating core of anxiety in my inner depths.It seems to delight in drawing my attention to the eerily quiet streets outside my bedroom window, the apprehension I experience regarding my changed role as a “virtual” teacher and the ever-increasing number of Covid-19 infected people in my province and beyond.“There’s no end in sight,” it likes to whisper to me.“Who knows when life will return to normal?”
I don’t like being afraid.Maybe you know some people who are the same?One pious Catholic recently shared with me that only people without religion or spirituality could truly be fearful of the pandemic.After all, “we know that there is more that comes afterwards,” he reminded me.And of course, he has a point.Christianity subscribes to the understanding that death is not the end, and so how could a…

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