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Recognizing Our “Grievous Fault”

It has not been an easy thing to be following the riots in the United States on the news.  It is an uncomfortable truth for us to face that we still have so far to go in evolving towards a society where everyone is treated fairly regardless of their skin colour or race.  As a teacher at a school where the majority of the students are visible minorities, I want nothing less than a future for these vibrant young people that allows them to freely share their gifts without fear in our country and in our world.  At times, this reality seems so far away, and yet perhaps these latest protests will be the starting point for real, systemic change.
It can be easy for me to forget how privileged I am as I go about my daily life, although listening to the stories of my students can ground me occasionally. They’ve told me about being berated in coffee shops for speaking their first language; after all, “they live in Canada now.”A fourteen-year old student spoke about walking down a local street w…

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