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Sacred Giving

“I’m so happy!I’m so happy!”These words were repeated over and over by a ten-year-old Camp Encounter attendee two summers ago and remembering this moment still brings a smile to my face (Camp Encounter is one of two camps run by the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton.)What had brought her so much joy?A fabulous new bicycle? An iPad? News of a trip to Disneyland or a new puppy? Nope.None of the above.This lovely young lady was ecstatic that a bracelet she’d made for one of the other camp participants had been delivered and very much liked by the recipient (If memory serves, his response was something like:“This is so cool!”) Can you imagine being as joyful as she in the act of giving?Its taken me some time to really understand the important lesson this young person’s actions (and reactions) were trying to teach me that day, but I think I’ve got it figured out:I am a terrible giver.That is not to say that I don’t give; I do give of my time and possessions and energy, although I’m sure I c…

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